Monday, July 27, 2009


ight so me n my mom was talking n i tld her about my blog n she laughed at me cause i onli had 26 followers :( so we made a bet saying tht "i wont hav 100 followers by my b-day" well my b-day is SEP.1 n if i win i get $100.00 so please please help me well im normally not the begging type bt im jus tryna prove my mom wrong so FOLLOW ME or TELL OTHA PPL ABOUT MY BLOG please&thank you!-TRE MOMODU!


  1. Tre Im following you, good luck on the contest
    Please return the favor it would mean a lot, anyone else is welcome to check out my blog at

  2. tre I will follow you hope you win the contest please follow me on my blog at