Sunday, July 26, 2009

6th grade SHIZZ!

ok so my mama was all trippin bout my art department saying it was 2 much drawings
so jus about rite now or lik 2 min ago i was cleaning it out n i saw this it was frm my 6th grade art class my fav class otha than gym n math so i jus wanteed 2 show u guys this n i thought 2 myself while i was looking at this i cld probly do wayy betta now so i mite hav alot of cartoon sketches on my blog more often.n this project n art was called "POP ART!" its lik wen u cut a lil pic frm the comics out of the news paper n mearsure n scale it n mak it lik a 24x24 to 1026x874 it was a 2 week procces bt only me n lik 2 otha kids did it n lik 3 days lol we got extra credit n free days all i did was design M*A*R*S! clothing well thts bout it catch u guys lata im outtt!-TRE MOMODU!

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