Thursday, July 30, 2009

thoughts of 2day

hello my fellow bloggers hows it been goin? 4 me not so well. well 2day i had 2 wake up super early for a denist apt. at 9a.m. bt wats bad about it is tht i went 2 sleep at 4 sumthin lol so then wen i went 2 the dentist it was horrible i tell since i was gettin' older they had 2 do a different check-up so she had 2 scrap on and in my teeth for lik 10 min my gums wer bleeding n i kept laughing bcause they didnt even tell me lol so after the dentist me my mom my lil sis 'n' bro went 2 village inn 4 breakfast it was kool bt i was so tired i fell asleep on the table haha so after tht my mom was jus paying cell fone bills n watnot so ya it was ia long day i think ima jus sleep all day im not gonna go 2 the movies,hang wit my friends,skateboard,play b-ball,or anything ima jus chill heck i mite not even design n i design lik everyday haha well thts all,and remember to follow guys-TRE MOMODU!


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  2. Aye thanks and im following ur too

  3. thanks for the request. and i like ur designd lol they're dope.