Friday, August 13, 2010

Nino & The Qwest For Love. & 1st Pushed Back

So "1st" will be out for download Nov. 21st maybe even earlier than that you never know and he is bringing "Nino & The Qwest For Love" out on his birthday Jan 31. 2011 it will be up for download on my blog of course and nino's blog the link to his blog is below go follow him and also nino is starting to blog alot more to get a name for himself and get a bigger fanbase so he can get alot of downloads on his single and his album and also go on the poll and vote on the left we want to know wat you think - QUINTRE MOMODU

Nino's Blog -


  1. Hi! I will love to do the follow 4 follow! I follow now!

  2. Sic blog, dude
    (good luck in the music game, dawg... I'm trying to get into the music biz, too)
    Imma deff download!
    Alrite, I followed... Ur turn ^_^