Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nino Presents 1st Prod. By Left Brain

Nino 1st is the official first single from his Ep "NINO & THE QWEST FOR LOVE: THE ADVENTURES IN MY MIND" Coming late Sept. This Single is produced by Left Brain an Odd Future Represenitive and also one half of Mellowhype and if you havent heard of them you need to download there album at the link below thier album is called "Yellowhite" its the shit. but any way this single is coming out for download in the next couple of weeks sooner than later so please download this when i post you will not be disapointed i promise so go follow nino also he will start blogging when this single comes out he will be talking about his Ep what his style of music is and also prepping you up for his album that will definatly be coming out next year. So yea go download Mellowhype "Yellowhite" and be on the lookout for "1st" to be out on download and Follow Nino all of this in the links below.-QUINTRE MOMODU

To download "Yellowhite" go here -

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