Friday, September 25, 2009

Man On The Moon: The End Of Day review

1.In My Dreams 4/5
2.Soundtrack 2 My Life 5/5
3.Simple As 3/5
4.Solo Dolo 5/5
5.Heart Of A Lion 5/5
6.My World 4/5
7.Day N Nite 4/5
8.Sky Might Fall 3/5
9.Enter Galactic 4/5
10.Alive 5/5
11.CuDi Zone 5/5
12.Make Her Say 4/5
13.Pursuit Of Happiness
15.Up Up & Away

Kid CuDi this album is great i think whoever doesnt have it and liks G.O.O.D Music should get it i think my favorite might b PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS n HEART OF A LION. I give the album a 4.5/5

On another subject i think i will get my camera chip frm my friend 2day so mayb on sunday i will hav sum of my designs posted n i been sketching my designs 4 jevon i think ima win most of the ppl's blog i go on is lik ther sketches r kool bt i dnt think they messin wit mines n i hav great creativity not 2 b rude or sound 2 cocky im jus sayin well thts all seeya- TRE MOMODU/FOLLOW&COMMENT

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