Sunday, September 27, 2009

For Jevon TASTE THE CANDY: skate "low"

these shoes r pretty much a shoutout 2 jevon i drew these sketches in my art class n i got caught wen i was taakin tha pics so i jus took them at home n these r the final sketches and i will post the original 1's pretty soon so i hope u guys lik these and these r not 4 jevon's contest im already done wit those sketches i swear they r dope tho-TRE MOMODU n remember COMMENT&FOLLOW


  1. You should enter these though, THEY ARE MAD DOPE. I like them n i would rock them haha, keep it up bra

  2. I Lovee This&&I Dnt Evn Follow Your Blog!Dude Dese Are Sum Doppee Stuff.I'd Rock Dese Anydayy.