Sunday, August 29, 2010

This song is crazy man ive been waiting for him to come out with a new single for "Lasers" but supposedly this is going to be on the "Food & Liquor 2"??? im just thinking what happened to Lasers like alantic is bullshittin' lupe its crazy but anyway back to the song its a mellow song like were use to from lupe but i mean his flow is just changing every minute in this song and i like it he is probably one of the only artist that can do that and the beat to this song is crazy everything eally fits this is a mellow, dark, cut & sew type of song and im waiting for "Food & Liqour 2" if this is actually on there and the download link is below and after you listen to it tell me what you think and if you have already heard it tell me what you think

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