Thursday, August 19, 2010


ok so i seen this google adsense thing on blogger and i read some details about it and you can get paid off of it and i wanted to ask all of you guys to know if its real or not and if it is are you singed up for it and are you getting paid off of it??? if so please comment me because i need to ask you some questions if you actually use it- QUINTRE MOMODU


  1. I think it's more geared toward higher traffic blogs. You get paid depending upon how many of your readers click the ads on your blog (and you can't click on them yourself). If you have a low follower count, you might want to pass up on it for now.

  2. im agreeing with Alee-- plus they have so many rules, like you can't "ask" people to click on the ads otherwise they will cut you off from ads, plus YOU can't click on them yourself either; you get cut off!

    i have them, i havent reached $100 yet in revenue- i have to wait until i do, then i get a check.. $40 short.. lol