Monday, August 30, 2010

Domo Genesis Rolling Papers (Album)

Odd Future is back with another album this one being by Domo Genesis now i listened to this album a whole 3 times the songs are crazy and the production is great by Tyler, The Creator and Left Brain my favorite song is Super Market feat. Ace the Creator or Tyler, The Creator or Wolf Haley he goes by all three but yeah this album is most DEF. for potheads so before you download this and listen to this get your weed ready. Now i'm not a pothead i dont smoke weed or anything like that but it was still enjoyable to listen to like i said earlier my favorite song is Super Market that song is so funny if you dont get it there both ragging on each its crazy and that is just an tyler did really good on that beat its the shit. And mainly the rest of the album is like these mellow beats that just gets you to listen and nod your head a little and when you actually listen to the lyrics you will just love tha album even more. Well thats what i thought about the album tell me what you think about it once you download it and listen to it the website and the direct download links are below - QUINTRE MOMODU

Website -
Direct Download Link - Click Here To Download

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