Saturday, July 17, 2010


Jakobi Mclemore 16 year old entrepreneur also one of my inspirations really i can say he's one of the reasons i'm trying to start my clothing line even though its not that big of an age difference between us i'm 14 and he's 16 but hes way ahead of his game when i'm 16 i want my clothing to be just as global as his is right now i'm sure he has a huge fan base. and he's also the reason i listen to "Asa Davis" i will post more stuff about him later. but go to he has the dopest clothes that ive seen in a while you will not be dissapointed when you go shopping on his website i'm saving up money right now so before school starts imma buy a shitload of his clothes but i'm telling you by the way his clothing is getting this much shine in just a short period of time i know by next year this nigga's shit is gonna be global like he's gonna have his own store and everything or atleast i'm hoping i wish jakobi the best of luck because i know he's doing something in life and imma be on the bandwagon buying all his stuff forever haha.- QUINTRE MOMODU is his blog is where you go to shop

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