Thursday, July 15, 2010

Clothing Line *New Name*

ok so the new name of the clothing line will be called "redxplanet©" so yeah i really like the new name i think its better than M*A*R*S! but anyway i just wanted to tell you guys that and above is a design i made i will be making it for my self first and i will make extra's if anybody else wants a shirt you will be able to choose from a white tee,black tee, grey crewneck sweatshirt, or black crewneck sweatshirt and i will be posting another design in awhile but this message to this design is that this economy is getting paid and your gonna get nickel and dimed for almost every little thing and not only that it's also the government taking our money its a shame but the title saying "What will you do when it's all gone?" meaning don't blow all your money just because you got it money is just an object you only need it for important stuff now a days but when you blow it all away and have nothing you will wish you could go back but life just doesnt work that way - QUINTRE MOMODU

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