Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ok So I Am Done With Sketching And Posting Them Starting Sometime This Month I Will Be Making The Tee's And I'm Going To Make A Website For My Clothing And Sale All My Tees,Hoodies And Everything I Got (MAYBE) If I Dont Do THat Then I Will Still Design Them But Just Wear It For My Self So Tell Me If This Is A Good Idea Or Not? And The Prices If I Do Go Through This Idea Will Be : Tees - $10.00 Hoodies - $15.00 Socks - 5.00 (3-pack) Shoelaces - (1.00) And Maybe WristBands *Just Like The "I Love Boobies" Kind. But Mine Will Say "M*A*R*S!" or "" or "F#ck Em All!" "MARTIAN" or "RED PLANET" or "M*A*R*S! est.1995" or "Mars u" or "Life On M*A*R*S!" or "Embrace The Martian" or "Marvin The Martian vs. Hoofchat Martian" And Those Will Be $2.00 (EACH). But If None Of This Happens I Will Just Make Shirts For MySelf - TREMOMODU!

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